After nearly 25 years in business I had come to a decision to retire two years ago. It has taken me some time to make sure that I enjoyed retirement before announcing it. Meanwhile, I gave in to my own passion for Irish silver and became a collector myself.

Even though, I will not be dealing anymore, I am still extremely eager to acquire interesting pieces. Please send pictures of the items together with the hallmarks and any provenance to the email:

I would like to thank all the collectors and curators who had joined me in this fantastic journey. I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to scholars who have shared their knowledge with me over the years. A special mention must go to Ida Delamere and Dr Thomas Sinsteden whose books and academic advice I have sought on many occasions.

For all your future silver purchases I would like to recommend Michael SedlerAntiques, located in London Silver Vaults, whose website is:

I am still available to offer advice to collectors or curators on a professional basis.

My fees are €2,000 per day plus travel, accommodation and any applicable taxes.

Thank you all.

William Crofton